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#5 Brands need Personality

The qualities that make up a great personality are the exact same ones that make up a great brand. It’s all about being focused on others. Brands that do this succeed for a long time. Here are some examples from class.

HD Loves HB, Haagen Daazs
After finding out about the issue of the decline of the honey bees, Haagen Daazs decided that they needed to start giving back to the environment. They wanted to help out the bees that help to create their natural ingredients. They created the HD Loves HB campaign and began creating flavors that were inspired by the honey bees and the natural ingredients created by them.

Bravely Done, Deschutes Brewery
This campaign encouraged people to try Deschutes new brews. It rewarded consumers for trying something new.

Of course, other brands have also encouraged people such as Nike and their “Just Do It” campaign, Pepsi and their “Do Some Good” campaign and many others. These campaigns are what create meaningful impacts between the consumers and the brand.

People are self centered, and only like things that benefit themselves. Fortunately, brands that benefit their consumers can encourage them to help others and create a culture of improvement.


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Brandon Turner is an aspiring Mad Man, raised in the Pacific Northwest. He loves all things branding, social, design, advertising, and life. In his spare time, he likes to do "manly things" like play sports, go fishing and grow a beard. Apart of the "millennial" generation, but he absolutely hates the descriptors that normally go with that.

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