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#11 People as Brands

It’s interesting how people brand themselves. How they create their persona, for the public eye. It’s most often seen with athletes but it is important for everyone to brand their self. I decided to look at three basketball players (yes I’m still thinking about basketball) and look how they branded themselves based on their website.

1) Kobe Bryant
Ok, so first of all, his URL is a way for him to make himself be seen post-rape accusations. Once getting on the site, it is really elegant and simple. His background is black snake skin, which reminds people of his self given nick name of black mamba. After exploring the blog, you find out that it is a lot of PR material, blog posts, and news about Kobe’s Basketball Academy. Overall, I like the design and feel of the page, but the content leaves something to be desired.

2) LeBron James
First thing I noticed about this website was the cartoon caricatures of Lebron himself. The website also shows his athletic training, nutrition, bio, lifestyle, fashion and music. I really like this because it creates a bond between Lebron and his fans. It really brings his image down to earth. Overall, his page rocks. I liked Lebron before this, but after I loved Lebron.

3) Derrick Rose
This page looks like a blog. I feel like it may even be one of the default layouts on WordPress. It looks like it could be maintained by Derrick Rose himself, but after reading the posts, it’s clear that he doesn’t. Unless he refers to himself in the third person in writing. Overall, the design lacks professionalism, and the content is mediocre.

After this I’ve realized that creating a website is all about showing your personality. Show what you do, but make sure your personality shines through.


About btrner

Brandon Turner is an aspiring Mad Man, raised in the Pacific Northwest. He loves all things branding, social, design, advertising, and life. In his spare time, he likes to do "manly things" like play sports, go fishing and grow a beard. Apart of the "millennial" generation, but he absolutely hates the descriptors that normally go with that.

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