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#18 Media Planning Seminar

In mid-October I had the opportunity to attend a media planning seminar held by Dave Koranda here at the University of Oregon. It was open to any student who was interested in media planning. I decided to check it out, and while I may not want to be a media planner, it has given me skills needed to succeed and has opened doors for me. This weekend I will have the opportunity to flex my skills as a media planner with some other students and work on promoting the Olympic Trials coming to Eugene, OR.

I’ve already talked about how I would like to be a creative, and being a media planner is much more business oriented, but there were two things that stuck out to me.

1) Advertising is about opening up a dialogue, talk with people not at them.

2) Over-saturation is annoying. Everyone in the Eugene, OR area knows about the Kiefer Kia Commercials and how annoying that is.

Finally, the main thing a media planner does is what attracted me to advertising in the first place. The need to get inside people’s minds and be able to send out the right message when they are most receptive to that message.


About btrner

Brandon Turner is an aspiring Mad Man, raised in the Pacific Northwest. He loves all things branding, social, design, advertising, and life. In his spare time, he likes to do "manly things" like play sports, go fishing and grow a beard. Apart of the "millennial" generation, but he absolutely hates the descriptors that normally go with that.

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