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#23 I stand with the hat.

A big deal on the University of Oregon campus this past week has been the firing of President Lariviere. He was the president when I first came to the University in 2009 and due to recent complications with the OUS looks like he won’t be the president when I graduate.

Here’s some more information about the situation.

NY Times

There’s been a lot of talk about how this is awful for the university and I agree. But let me first off say that I completely understand why OUS is doing this. Lariviere wanted to help push Oregon to become a private university. This is because we are one of the most under funded universities in the nation. However, I’m sure we are one of the biggest money makers for the OUS. They couldn’t just have their flagship university leave. They would be done. So they did what they had to. Get rid of the problem maker for them.

But that wasn’t the best thing either. Firing Lariviere destroys the brand that is the UO. It destroys all the progress that has been made to transform the UO into one of the best universities on the west coast. They’ve angered the students, professors, faculty, staff, alumni and donors. But most importantly, they angered Phil Knight.



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