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#24 Ideologies and Advertising

This past term I took a class called Gender, Media and Diversity. It takes a look at media and explores the ideologies, stereotypes used in media. It is really eye opening. It’s crazy to see how much stereotypes have been infused into our lives.

Unfortunately, these stereotypes have numbed us to somethings in our culture. We don’t realize that goblins are portrayed as Jews, that the vampires in Twilight reinforce white supremacy and that ads create an unreachable standard for women and their bodies.

That’s why I think brand thinking is so great. It helps us to reduce these. Brands create relationships with their consumers and you can’t build relationships on stereotypes and ideologies.


So I’m now making this a part of my manifesto. As an advertiser, I need to strive to reduce and eliminate all types of stereotypical thinking


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Brandon Turner is an aspiring Mad Man, raised in the Pacific Northwest. He loves all things branding, social, design, advertising, and life. In his spare time, he likes to do "manly things" like play sports, go fishing and grow a beard. Apart of the "millennial" generation, but he absolutely hates the descriptors that normally go with that.

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