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#25 Where/How I find inspiration

I always find it interesting to hear where people find inspiration for their creative ideas, so I figured that I would share mine.

Spend 30 minutes stumbling and you will find at least something you like, something you laugh at and something that is just plain cool.

2) Nature.
If you believe in a God, then he must be the ultimate creative director. If not, then we got really lucky with the arrangement of all these molecules. Whenever I need some inspiration, I head for water. I love hearing the ocean, it clears my mind and helps me to focus it on creative tasks. The sound of rain works well too accompanied with some soft music.

3) Pop Culture.
If you’re creating stuff for the general public you gotta know what they like. It’s always good to take what people like and take it to a new level.

4) People.
I love to talk things out and bounce ideas off people. Even if they don’t contribute it just helps me to have to talk things outs.

5) Ad Age, Comm Arts, SXSW etc.
Of course looking at ads and things in the industry help me to realize what good material looks like and gives me something to emulate.

Here’s my portfolio website. It’s only a shell right now but I will hopefully soon have some material to add to it.

Just in case you missed it:


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Brandon Turner is an aspiring Mad Man, raised in the Pacific Northwest. He loves all things branding, social, design, advertising, and life. In his spare time, he likes to do "manly things" like play sports, go fishing and grow a beard. Apart of the "millennial" generation, but he absolutely hates the descriptors that normally go with that.

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