#20 Beats by Dr. Dre

Wow, look at how much Beats by Dr. Dre has blown up. Founded in 2008 by rap artist Dr. Dre, these head phones are seen all over. I feel like I can’t walk anywhere without seeing them. That’s amazing because of how expensive they are. The over the ear headphones start at $200.

It’s crazy how this brand exploded. It’s because of Dr. Dre’s name.

When brands cooperate on a product, one of them can become overshadowed. Beats has accompanied with HP computers and that is a good partnership. Both brands are prominent enough that they don’t over power each other.

Check out this video

Beats Audio totally overpowers HTC. When I first saw this commercial, all I could think about was the Beats in ear headphones. I didn’t even realize it was a commercial for a new phone. In these circumstances, the partnership is completely dominated by one brand and the other is ignored. It’s dangerous for a brand to be in these partnerships. It just nullifies all the work done to create your brand.


#10 Adidas adiZero Rose 2

I’ve seen this commercial a lot. And I think it’s sick! But does this actually help sales? Do consumers remember what the ad really was selling? I think that brands need to find a balance between story telling and remembering the product. I think this one does just enough to succeed.

Also, YAY!!!! for the NBA lockout being almost over. I can’t wait to have basketball back on Christmas

#3 Apple Mac 1984 vs Droid Bionic 2011

So Today I want to talk about the famous 1984 Apple Mac ad and how the 2011 Droid Bionic Ad are so eerily similar. Both ads show products that are “ground breaking.” They are both about technology and both showcase a women in a position of power. These ads are so similar that there is no way that they are not related. The idea for the Droid commercial must have come from the Apple ad.

Here are the videos

Apple 1984

Droid 2011

So the question that comes up in my mind is whether or not this is an effective ad. And did the Droid ad have as much of an impact as the 1984 Ad. In my opinion, I don’t think that these are very effective ads. Without showing the newest product or having a significant Brand Identity, the consumer has no idea what to expect after seeing these ads. Because of Droids recent addition to the cell phone market, it had created almost no buzz. The only thing people thought about the commercial was that it was a trailer for a movie.

On the other hand, I think the 1984 Ad was successful because of the recent release of George Orwell’s 1984. This related the product to a recognizable brand and therefore cemented it in the consumer’s mind and allowed it to be something that was special.

Products need be aligned with something recognizable to create interest. Sci-Fi type scenes are so widely varied that they just blend back in the noise of life.