#19 My Dream Job

It’s hard to say what my dream job is right now. I feel like I haven’t experienced enough in the advertising field to decide what I want to do. I know that I wanna be creative. I’ve managed people and resources throughout high school as an editor for the school yearbook and in college as the vice president of my fraternity overseeing 70+ people and a quarter of a million dollar budget.

So the planning side of advertising is not what I want. It’s something I could do, and I know the experiences I’ve had will help me.

Something I really enjoy is creating new things, brainstorming ways to fix stuff and coming up with new ideas. I fell like that’s exactly what a creative does. Hopefully, I can combine this and my management skills to become an art director.

But, for an entry level position I want to be a creative, working in a team to imagine, create, and push boundaries.


A close friend who graduated last year worked as an intern for Adidas in their marketing and product design and now works for Under Armour doing similar stuff. That’s also something that sounds extremely interesting. I would love to work for a company like Adidas, Under Armour or Nike. I love their brands and all they stand for.

“Impossible is nothing.”

“Are you from HERE?”

“Just Do It”

So here goes my dream for a future in creativity. It’s time to take the steps to get where I want to be.