#22 The University of Oregon as a brand

In the fall of 2009, I started my college career at the University of Oregon. I was excited, scared and ready to take on everything that was going to happen. I chose Oregon because I saw how awesome a university it was. But one thing made me highly dissapointed in the university.


I absolutely hate this ad. It seems so unprofessional, so lame. How do you inspire students to come to the university with this? I mean, it is somewhat inspiring, and has a great thought behind it. But it just wasn’t hip enough. It just didn’t fit the university.

Luckily, after a great football season, and the introduction of WTD or Win The Day. Oregon’s brand came together in this.

This is perfect. This inspires me. This is hip. This shows our great campus. It shows people. It connects people to the UO.

Let’s continue to make great stuff like this.

Go Ducks. WTD