#20 Beats by Dr. Dre

Wow, look at how much Beats by Dr. Dre has blown up. Founded in 2008 by rap artist Dr. Dre, these head phones are seen all over. I feel like I can’t walk anywhere without seeing them. That’s amazing because of how expensive they are. The over the ear headphones start at $200.

It’s crazy how this brand exploded. It’s because of Dr. Dre’s name.

When brands cooperate on a product, one of them can become overshadowed. Beats has accompanied with HP computers and that is a good partnership. Both brands are prominent enough that they don’t over power each other.

Check out this video

Beats Audio totally overpowers HTC. When I first saw this commercial, all I could think about was the Beats in ear headphones. I didn’t even realize it was a commercial for a new phone. In these circumstances, the partnership is completely dominated by one brand and the other is ignored. It’s dangerous for a brand to be in these partnerships. It just nullifies all the work done to create your brand.


#19 My Dream Job

It’s hard to say what my dream job is right now. I feel like I haven’t experienced enough in the advertising field to decide what I want to do. I know that I wanna be creative. I’ve managed people and resources throughout high school as an editor for the school yearbook and in college as the vice president of my fraternity overseeing 70+ people and a quarter of a million dollar budget.

So the planning side of advertising is not what I want. It’s something I could do, and I know the experiences I’ve had will help me.

Something I really enjoy is creating new things, brainstorming ways to fix stuff and coming up with new ideas. I fell like that’s exactly what a creative does. Hopefully, I can combine this and my management skills to become an art director.

But, for an entry level position I want to be a creative, working in a team to imagine, create, and push boundaries.


A close friend who graduated last year worked as an intern for Adidas in their marketing and product design and now works for Under Armour doing similar stuff. That’s also something that sounds extremely interesting. I would love to work for a company like Adidas, Under Armour or Nike. I love their brands and all they stand for.

“Impossible is nothing.”

“Are you from HERE?”

“Just Do It”

So here goes my dream for a future in creativity. It’s time to take the steps to get where I want to be.

#5 Brands need Personality

The qualities that make up a great personality are the exact same ones that make up a great brand. It’s all about being focused on others. Brands that do this succeed for a long time. Here are some examples from class.

HD Loves HB, Haagen Daazs
After finding out about the issue of the decline of the honey bees, Haagen Daazs decided that they needed to start giving back to the environment. They wanted to help out the bees that help to create their natural ingredients. They created the HD Loves HB campaign and began creating flavors that were inspired by the honey bees and the natural ingredients created by them.

Bravely Done, Deschutes Brewery
This campaign encouraged people to try Deschutes new brews. It rewarded consumers for trying something new.

Of course, other brands have also encouraged people such as Nike and their “Just Do It” campaign, Pepsi and their “Do Some Good” campaign and many others. These campaigns are what create meaningful impacts between the consumers and the brand.

People are self centered, and only like things that benefit themselves. Fortunately, brands that benefit their consumers can encourage them to help others and create a culture of improvement.

#2 A Brand Story, but not what you think…

Check out this video: Logorama

I actually saw this video on Facebook. Another friend had posted it thinking it was very artistic, which by all means it is. But, being an ad major I saw this in a different light. The new thing in the millenia is BRAND STORIES. And well this is a brand story, of a different type. You could say it’s the story of some logos.

I was wondering how much this hurts a brand. After watching this video, I can’t help but thinking of the Michelin man as a cop, or Ronald McDonald as a villain. Will other people associate these personalities with the brand?

But this video also shows how much of an influx there is of logos and brands. How many brands can you recognize in the video? 20? 30? 40? It’s ridiculous.

Well either way, it’s a sweet video. Very artistic, and entertaining. I just wonder if we could start using something like this for branding? Create a logo/brand personality through viral videos similarly to the Old Spice man except with cartoons and the brand?

Could this be the Pillsbury Dough Boy’s new campaign?