#13 A little inspiration

So I think I’ve decided I want to be a creative. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not the only thing I wanna do, but it’s my main goal. I feel like I have the skills and experience to oversee things, to work with consumers and to do the research. But being creative is something that I think I could do well, with some time to mature of course. So when I was stumbling over the summer, I found and saved this. I thought it was really neat and it has helped me to stay focused. I hope it helps other creative hopefuls!


#2 A Brand Story, but not what you think…

Check out this video: Logorama

I actually saw this video on Facebook. Another friend had posted it thinking it was very artistic, which by all means it is. But, being an ad major I saw this in a different light. The new thing in the millenia is BRAND STORIES. And well this is a brand story, of a different type. You could say it’s the story of some logos.

I was wondering how much this hurts a brand. After watching this video, I can’t help but thinking of the Michelin man as a cop, or Ronald McDonald as a villain. Will other people associate these personalities with the brand?

But this video also shows how much of an influx there is of logos and brands. How many brands can you recognize in the video? 20? 30? 40? It’s ridiculous.

Well either way, it’s a sweet video. Very artistic, and entertaining. I just wonder if we could start using something like this for branding? Create a logo/brand personality through viral videos similarly to the Old Spice man except with cartoons and the brand?

Could this be the Pillsbury Dough Boy’s new campaign?