#7 Oh, Benetton

I don’t know who thought this was a good idea. Benetton’s UnHate Ad Campaign. IT. IS. JUST. AWFUL. I give Benetton this. It has people talking about them. But what the hell does this have to do with sweaters? This campaign alienates people. It takes huge political figures and poses them kissing each other.

This is just not right.

I guess there really is no such thing as bad press.


#5 Brands need Personality

The qualities that make up a great personality are the exact same ones that make up a great brand. It’s all about being focused on others. Brands that do this succeed for a long time. Here are some examples from class.

HD Loves HB, Haagen Daazs
After finding out about the issue of the decline of the honey bees, Haagen Daazs decided that they needed to start giving back to the environment. They wanted to help out the bees that help to create their natural ingredients. They created the HD Loves HB campaign and began creating flavors that were inspired by the honey bees and the natural ingredients created by them.

Bravely Done, Deschutes Brewery
This campaign encouraged people to try Deschutes new brews. It rewarded consumers for trying something new.

Of course, other brands have also encouraged people such as Nike and their “Just Do It” campaign, Pepsi and their “Do Some Good” campaign and many others. These campaigns are what create meaningful impacts between the consumers and the brand.

People are self centered, and only like things that benefit themselves. Fortunately, brands that benefit their consumers can encourage them to help others and create a culture of improvement.

#4 Apple creates a new brand “personality”

With the release of the iPhone 4s, Apple created a new personality. Her name is Siri and she is a personal assistant to anyone with the iPhone 4s. She can help you find things, send text messages, read messages and almost anything that you ask her to do. However, she does have a witty side. Ask her for the meaning of life and she’ll tell you. Tell her she’s pretty and she’ll get flustered.

As one would expect, this sparked a huge group of people who now spend their days asking Siri questions to see what she has to say. Apple now has a personality for the forefront of their brand. Not only is Apple the hip, forward thinking, slick company but now they have a voice and witty personality to truly personify their company.

Apple’s Siri is going to get a lot of followers in the next few months. But is this something that will last or is it something that will subside in a short time. I think it’s something that will last. Siri doesn’t have the stereotypical AI voice or personality, which gives it a step up in people’s minds.

It’ll be interesting to see if Siri is integrated into any advertisements by Apple especial on radio and TV. It seems that Apple has created a new demographic who is in love with Siri. Time will only tell if Apple will do anything with that new demographic.

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